Saturday, January 21, 2012

What have we been doing??

 We have been so busy since starting the new year and what a great start it has been! So glad to be getting back to normal at home and at school. :)

When we came back to school after our long Christmas break we learned about Winter and Arctic animals.
I found this great idea on pinterest! I mixed shaving cream and glue and we created our own "Snowmen." They turned out so cute! We tore paper to add details and then wrote describing words about our snowmen.

We also learned about ice and how it melts. We played a game called  "melt the ice." Each table was a team and each team member had to roll the dice to see how they would get to melt the ice. Either by blowing on it for 10 sec, holding it for 10 sec, dropping it in water for 10 sec, or dropping a pinch of salt on it. They loved it! If you are still learning about winter I recommend this activity! I have the roll sheet I made, if you need it let me know I can email it to you. We talked afterward which method worked the best! Great science activity!

We learned about two Arctic animals thanks to Mrs. Jump's unit.
Here we are asking and graphing which one you like best and our recording sheet.
We also talked about how we celebrate New Year's and why people make resolutions. We made our own resolutions.
I know the picture is kinda hard to tell but its her face and a party hat. Her goal it to help her mommy clean. How sweet is that. Wish she would come to my house! ;) We are also learning about the Chinese New Year!

We have had so much fun celebrating all the fun Winter brings. Next week we are going to do an author study on Jan Brett and her books The Mitten and The Hat. I have made a few things to go with them and if I can teach myself how I hope to have them up or at least pics of them up soon.  Next week is my schools accreditation week and committee members will be there. Ekk!! :) I know we will do fine! I teach at the greatest kindergarten school I know.

Hope you all have a wonderful wet weekend! By the way we are finished with winter DIBELS and we did Awesome!!! Just like I knew they would, they are SO SMART! Just love my little ones!