Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kindergarten is so much fun!

We have been having so fun  in our first few weeks of kindergarten! We are learning so much and it is so great to see all those sweet smiling faces coming down the hall every morning.

Our color days have just flown by! We have learned 10 new color words! We have loved singing the songs everyday to help us learn how to spell our new color words. We have also just finished up our very first story in our reading series and we have done great with that! They are experts in rhyming words!

We have also LOVED! going to see coach in P.E. everyday! I also have a lot of little music lovers in my room this year. They have loved seeing Ms. Scott in music class. We met Dr. Booklove in the library this week and she taught us how to care for library books and even let us check out our very first library books!

I hope you are enjoying kindergarten just as much as we are! Here are a few pictures I managed to capture during our busy, busy week! :)

Thank you for sharing your child with me,
Mrs. Snead