Thursday, November 21, 2013

Check us out!

Sorry for the little break! :) We have been so busy learning so many new things, taking field trips, celebrating and most recently getting excited about the big man in red coming!

Here are a few things we have been learning about in our room:

* Most all of us know our letters and letter sounds.
*If you haven't noticed yet, we are starting to read little words all by ourselves!
* We have learned our numbers 0-10, started learning how to add to 10, we can count by 10s, and count to 20 without help (some days we can make is further).
*We all know our birthdays!
* We have learned how to draw a story and write a sentence about our story!
*We know words like main idea, characters, compare and contrast, and adjective in reading.
*We know math words like addition, ten frame, number words, and shape words.
*We have learned how to be a peacemaker with our friends and I am proud to say that almost everyday all my friends are on green or purple!

As you can see, we have been super busy and learning lots! I have heard from a lot of my parents that you are amazed at what your baby is learning! I have added some pictures from our field trip to the pumpkin patch and some things we have been doing here at BSLK. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I am so thankful God has given me a job I love! I am also thankful to all of you for sharing your babies with me everyday! They are so special! Thank you!

 Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Working in our Room!

Reading Fun with Mrs. Landers!
 Our class getting our baby boo boo pumpkin!

 Jump Start to Read Celebration! We read Otis The Tractor with thousands of other boys and girls around the United States!

Teddy Bear Picnic!

Friday, September 27, 2013

We have been having so much fun in kindergarten! Here is a look at some of the AWESOME things that are going on at BSLK!

We read Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom and celebrated all our letters. Since the story was all about a coconut tree, we got to taste coconut and crack a REAL coconut!

We also go a visit from Dr. Landers this week! She read us a story about Baby Boo, Boo Pumpkins. They all got boo boos because they weren't taking turns. Dr. Landers delivered us a brand new baby pumpkin for us to take care of in our room. Guess what.... it's a GIRL! We named her Julie Flower. :)

We have spent the rest of our week learning about the letter M and having fun with monsters. Next week, we will be talking about the letter T and our story Dig, Dig, Digging. We also go on our first field trip to the pumpkin patch and we are having a "T" party with our teddy bears! Whew! I know some sweet babies and a few kindergarten teachers that are going to be worn out from all that fun! :) Check back next week for pictures of our adventures! Have an awesome weekend!

Oh yeah and BEAT BOAZ!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Awesome first days!

We are doing so great in kindergarten! We have only been at school for a short while, but have learned so much! I hope your child has told you all about being  a peacemaker, our color days, pe, lunch, music and many other FUN things we are doing here at BSLK! I am so proud of all my little kinder babies! Next week our theme will be "All About Me". We will be learning a little about ourselves  and our new classmates.

Also, I have sent homework home for the first time this past week. I want to say again, do not stress about homework. :) I send it home to help learn responsibility and give your child an opportunity to practice at home. Feel free to do two nights in a row or catch up later in the week. This homework should really take no more than 10-15 mins a night. If it is taking longer, stop and come back to it another night or later in the week. I don't want anyone to be frustrated with kindergarten homework, especially your baby! Talk to me if your worried.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Rest up because its going to be another busy and fun week at BSLK!

*Here are a few shots of the fun we are having in kindergarten! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hi to all my new friends! I am so excited to meet all of you! Kindergarten is so much fun! We will be doing lots of fun things this year like, celebrating color days, teddy bear picnics, visiting the pumpkin patch and the zoo, signing, dancing, reading, painting, and laughing! I know you will love it. I will get to meet all of you at our Meet and Greet on August 14th from 10:00-11:00. Can't wait to see you all! Take a look around on our web page to learn more about me and see a sneak peak of our room.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A little Dr. Seuss!

In March we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday! We had a blast learning about his different books and making great kindergarten memories. I have included just a few pics of our projects.
In March we also learned about different types of transportation and community helpers. We got to meet lots of local community helpers and tour local types of transportation on our BSLK transportation day. We had so much fun, but we were so tired! It's a good thing that the next week was spring break.

Now we are back from a restful and cold spring break we are in the home stretch! Only 7 weeks left of kindergarten! These next 7 weeks are just jammed packed of awesome things! We will have farm day, cap and gown pictures, our zoo field trip, and we get to visit first grade. ( this is a big day since we are an all k school). We get to do all this while learning as much as we can and making so many more great kindergarten memories! I'm excited about getting to spend this time with my now little grown ups but starting to get a little sad that it's coming to and end. I will miss them all so much so I'm going to soak up as much as I can!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hip, hip, hooray! It's the 100th day!

We just celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten! We had so much fun! Here are a few fun things we did that day!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter fun!

Well as I sit here on a delay due to snow, I thought I would update everyone on what we have been doing.

Well we are approaching the 100th day of kindergarten! Can you believe it! Before you know it we will be walking across that stage in May. :) Since we have gotten back from Christmas break my kindergarten babies have grown up! They are reading and doing all sorts of things on their own. I'm so proud of them. These past few days we have been practicing for our DIBELS assessment, learning how to add and subtract, and writing sentences about our pictures on our own. Lots of fun to come! Here are few new pictures of us in action and some winter activities we have been doing.