Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a COLORFUL week!

We have had such a wonderful colorful week! We have looked at  the colors brown, red, yellow, green, blue, purple and white all this week! And next week starts a whole new color week! Your child should now know those colors and begin to recognize these words. Thanks to my parents for sending and who will be sending our special color day snacks. We have had such fun singing color songs, eating special snacks, and making our brown bear book. We even mixed the colors yellow and blue together with a marshmallow to see what color it made. Guess what, it made green! After we painted with our green marshmallows (don't worry parents, it was food coloring) we got to eat them! yum!
We have learned so much this week and  there is more to come! Below is a picture of our classroom promise. We say this every morning when we start our day. We are working very hard on learning how to be a peacemaker at school and at home. I am so proud of them! It is so important to me for my students to learn how to treat each other in our classroom and I believe that the better we know and learn our rules at school the more we can learn! Please hug them all for me, I have missed them this weekend. Looking forward to seeing them Monday morning. Monday we will be learning about the color black!
 B-L-A-C-K, that's how you spell black!(yes, my sweet husband has gotten to hear me sing our great color songs all week. The joys of being married to a kindergarten teacher)

 Our Classroom Promise
From Reading with Meaning, Debbie Miller

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